The Do-Rites


      Vol. 11 from the CANDO! Adventure Series

  The CANDO Curriculum Connection

Little Cando whistled a happy tune as he skipped down Birdsong Lane through the Emerald Forest.  He was enjoying his trip to Ireland and visiting his cousins Shamrock and O’Toole.  This morning Little Cando was on his way to their house for breakfast. “It is fun here,” thought Little Cando as he walked down the lane.  He had traveled a long way to Ireland, for you see, his home is on planet Mirth, in Constellation CAN DO!

In the short time he had been in Ireland, Little Cando had made  many new friends who lived in the beautiful green forest. He loved the rolling meadows, trees and flowers.  On this sunshiny day most of the critters were playing outdoors.

Benny the Bunny and Chipper the Chipmunk were in a game of “Leap Frog”.  Little Cando heard them laughing and he stopped to watch. Benny ran toward Chipper, and when Benny got very close, Chipper leaped high in the air, shouting “ribbet!”, and Benny ran right under him!

“Hi-ho, Benny and Chipper!”, shouted Little Cando,”you are pretending you are froggies today?”

“Ribbet! Ribbet!” croaked Benny and Chipper, “We’re having fun pretending we are Freddie the frog!” Little Cando laughed and went on his way.

In a cozy cottage in the forest lived a beautiful nature fairy. Her name was Posey, for she was pretty as a flower.  Posey had long, golden hair and eyes as green as the meadow.  She was very kind and loved nature.  The trees and flowers and animals were her good friends.thedo-rites


Little Cando and Posey had met at the Faerie Festival.  But this morning, here she was, working in her flower garden. Posey was so happy to see  the colorful flowers stretching up to the sun, growing strong and beautiful.

“Hi-Ho, Posey!”, exclaimed Little Cando, “how are you today?”   Posey smiled as she looked up from her gardening.  “Hi-Ho to YOU, Little Cando, I’m fine!”  It’s a lovely day, isn’t it?”

“Yes, indeedy!” he smiled and tipped his cap.  Posey smiled back and his beard turned the loveliest shade of pink! “See you tomorrow at the water festival!”, she said.

Little Cando skipped along when suddenly he heard singing.  It seemed to be coming from a little clearing in the meadow. He walked to where the sound was coming from, but all he could see were the flowers growing around the tree trunks, butterflies in the meadow, and little critters scampering everywhere. He stopped and listened. The singing seemed to be coming from the trees!  He looked up and saw five little characters sitting in a big Oak tree – each one on a different branch.  They looked just like music notes – why, they WERE music notes, all singing in perfect harmony:

“Shoo-be-do wah-wah birdies now they’re singin’ their song!”  

“That sounds pretty good”, the green note said, “but Ray, let’s hear a little more second harmony”.  Little Cando couldn’t help but stare at these funny little music notes singing a song with funny little words. Suddenly, the red note noticed Little Cando and shouted,  “Hey there, little elf, you wanna come up and join us?” Little Cando waved, jumped up onto a branch, tipped his cap and said merrily, “Hello to you!  My name is Little Cando.” The music notes all sang together in perfect harmony: “H-e-l-l-o!   Doh … Ray … Mia … Fa …  Soh  –  We’re the Do-Rites!”

“Your music makes my ears happy!” laughed Little Cando, “but … what does ‘Shoo-be-do what-what’ mean?”

“It’s ‘Shoo-be-do wah-wah’, ” laughed Soh.

“Do wah-wah? What language is that?”, asked Little Cando.

Doh snapped his fingers in a steady rhythm.  “Hey, man, it’s Juke ‘n’ Jive!  Be-Bop and Hip-Hop!  That’s what!”

Little Cando’s eyes grew wide with wonder.  Tell me, please, what does it mean?” he asked. “Whatever you want it to!”, replied Fa, “you can make up your own words.” Little Cando smiled at the thought. “To say nice things!” he added.

“Yeah, it’s fun!” laughed Ray.

“How ’bout you Juke and Jive and I figure out what you are saying, OK?” asked Little Cando.

“OK!” replied Mia. “Let’s go, guys!  They all snapped their fingers in a rhythm that made Little Cando want to dance, but he knew he had to pay attention to what the Do-Rites were singing:

Doh sang: “Sha-bop to the top” –  (snap-snap) Ray sang: “Hippity hop, don’t stop” –  (snap-snap) Mia sang: “Boogaloo, Choo-choo” – (snap-snap)

Fa sang:   “Shooby-do-wop!” –(snap) Soh sang:  “Do-wop!”


Just then, three little Bluebirds sitting on top of the Oak tree chimed together:

“Hey, Little Cando, can ya’ figure it out? Can ya’ tell us what the Do-Rites are talkin’ about? Shooby do-wop – do-wop!  Yeah!” 

Little Cando closed his eyes. “H-m-m-m, I have to THINK about it. I need to tap my THINKING spot …” He closed his eyes and tapped his temple.  Suddenly, his eyes popped open and he shouted,

“Schnozola! Do-Rites, please sing me those lines – one at a time!”

The Do-Rites sang out loud and clear: Sha-bop to the top –

Reach for the stars!” shouted Little Cando. Hippity hop, don’t stop – “Don’t let anything stop you!” Boogaloo, Choo-choo -“Hop on the Sunshine Train” Shooby-do-wop!

You can do it!” Do-wop!

“Can do!” 


The Do-Rites laughed and clapped with delight as Little Cando’s beard turned bright yellow with excitement. Ray shouted, “You did it, man, you figured it out!

“It is fun to play music games!” smiled Little Cando. “This like a riddle that says the same thing but in a different way.  Everyone in the whole wide world can say the same thing in their own special way.”

Mia said, “When you meet someone who doesn’t speak the way you do, if you both listen very well and try very hard, you can understand each other! You just need to be a friend to make a friend.”

“Just like WE did!  Happy Day friends!  Happy riddle game!” exclaimed Little Cando.  He tipped his cap and said, “We will play again and I will bring my cousins! Good-bye for now, my Do-Rite friends,” and down he jumped onto the soft, green grass.

“Good-bye, Little Cando!” waved the Do-Rites, and they began singing a song about friends.

Little Cando whistled to their happy tune as he hippity-hopped down Bluebird Lane. His whistling blended nicely with the Do-Rites’ song. And as he went merrily on his way, one by one the forest creatures joined in and soon everyone was singing together  … in perfect harmony. 


                                                        © CANDO Studios Writer: Linda Colley